At least I’ve woken up … !

Attending the ‘funeral’ of Irish Water in Galway city centre

A lot of people seem to be amazed that Irish Water has caused so much controversy in a country in which the bailout of the bondholders, new taxes, and a property tax went through with a minimum of fuss.

And, in many ways, it seems strange that a tax on water has caused the biggest mass protests Ireland has seen in decacdes.

In this week’s personal blog, though, I argue that many people have just had enough. They didn’t speak out before about the imposition of austerity measures, but that did not mean they believed they were right.

The blog is written from the perspective of someone who has seen so many cuts over the past seven years, and yet has only begun to speak out.

With water meters being installed in estates throughout Ireland, and the first bills arriving through the letter-boxes, this controversy is far from finished.

You can read the blog here

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