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Welcome to the Home Page of journalist, content writer, digital storyteller, and Irish Current Affairs Blogger of the Year Ciaran Tierney.

Based in Galway, Ireland, Ciaran has almost three decades of experience of working in the media, in regional, national, and international news outlets.

A former senior reporter with the Connacht Tribune group of newspapers in Galway, Ciaran also has a keen interest in social media, travel, social justice issues, and digital technology.

Ciaran left the newspaper industry in late 2014 in order to focus on digital storytelling, social media, blogging for business, content writing, and independent journalism.

Over the past year he has had pieces published on-line by outlets including The Irish Times, Irish Central (New York), the Connacht Tribune, TheJournal.ie, and Electronic Intifada, who cover human rights in Palestine.

He has also provided written content for a variety of websites, including online English language schools, scuba dive centres in Thailand and Egypt, and a number of small businesses in the West of ireland.

In October 2018, he was voted the Irish Current Affairs and Politics Blogger of the Year at the Tramlime in Dublin. He also took a silver medal for an individual blog post about the families of the ‘Tuam Babies’.

With a strong background in journalism, Ciaran has retrained in digital marketing and has a keen interest in telling YOUR story!

Please contact Ciaran at +353 87 7996290 or ciarantierney27@gmail.com

Photographer – Paul Sherwood paul@sherwood.ie 087 230 9096
The Blog Awards Ireland 2018, held at Tramline, Dublin. October 2018

3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Reading the sorry plight of this Nigerian Lady . her skill set which no doubt would be welcome in Ireland I found reflecting on our historical plight as Exiles…(myself included ) and how much we are more alike than we are different. There should be a mandate on holding people and not accepting nor denying them security. Also from my own experieince of coming from a small town with a resettlement center (where these invisible unfortunates come and go by local bus) as the bus driver whispers in low tones if anyone gets off here??? and when a person arises just the sense of embarrassment is obvious, Magdelane Laundrys dirty laundy has been exposed at the expense of the women and children who lived and died there. Every effort should be made not to continue with the historical sins of our hypocritical christian tradition.

  2. Loved the article on Buskers in Galway, my favorite city in Ireland. I’ve been there many times and personally never found a problem on the streets with buskers; just move on if I’m not taken with an act. Clearly Brian has some valid points though. I think it would be a tragedy if Galway lost the buskers who contribute immensely to conveying the energy an creativity which is a hallmark of that city.

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