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  1. Ciaran,
    Re buskers, I realise and see that buskers add to a city, but really no amplification under ANY circumstances should be permitted. Why should one have to run a gauntlet of rubbish on amplifiers in Shop Street? Those who use them are pests and lack ability. I and many I know, now avoid Shop St. much as possible to avoid this rubbish. God help the shop workers having to listen to them. Keep buskers by all means but ban ALL amplification.

  2. I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that I hope that the Bill banning goods from Israeli Settlements passes in the Irish Parliament.Ireland and Palestine got a lot in common.Ireland was partitioned in 1920 and Palestine was partitioned in 1947.Both of these countries are occupied by foreign troops.The people of Ireland are strong supporters of the Palestinian People.

  3. Hallo Mr Ciaran !

    I am Polish freelance journo, i saw you like to write about human rights, so…how about this
    drama and shame for Irish justice system :

    Polish lass, migrant, Martha Herda serving a l i f e t i m e in Dublin’s prison :

    Family still looks somebody good-hearted of Irish origin, who can help in this case, she already served 2 yrs in prison, can you help pls ? Or at least read those links. Thank you,

    Justice for Martha Herda !


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