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  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that I hope that the Bill banning goods from Israeli Settlements passes in the Irish Parliament.Ireland and Palestine got a lot in common.Ireland was partitioned in 1920 and Palestine was partitioned in 1947.Both of these countries are occupied by foreign troops.The people of Ireland are strong supporters of the Palestinian People.

  2. Dear Ciaran,

    Your piece on Congressman King’s opposition to the Irish ban intended to boycott products from the Israeli-occupied Palestinian Territories prompted me to send him the following email, which I have disseminated on the internet, as well. Thank you very much for the piece.

    Here is my email to Congressman King:

    Congressman King,

    Are you not aware of the harsh and inhumane realities now prevailing against the Palestinian people at the hands of an extremist apartheid regime under Benjamin Netanyahu? For your awareness, Please listen carefully to this presentation at the U.N.

    I fully concur with, endorse, and am in solidarity with Professor Marc Lamont Hill’s admirable and sober wake-up call to conscience and reality test of a daily outrage that has persisted for decades.

    We all need to be aware of the gross, repugnant and far-ranging extent to which human, civil, and property rights are being violated across the board in the name of the state of Israel by a violently ethnocentric and fanatical administration of racists and their minions, whose military actions are being enabled and amply subsidized(*) year-after-year by our American taxpayer dollars, dollars which practically speaking could and morally speaking should be productively spent and invested right here at home to meet the pressing existential needs of our fellow citizens.

    Prof. Lamont Hill is speaking truth to power and is speaking on behalf of the humanity of all oppressed people in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories and elsewhere.

    This is what people of conscience do.

    And it is the same conscientiousness that informs what the Irish ban is intended to achieve by boycotting Israeli products that attempt to profit from an illegal and barbarous occupation of Palestinian Territories.

    As someone whose vote should express the conscience of the American people, you need to get on the right side of justice and humanity, and not be an obstacle to either.

    Yours for conscience and justice,

    John de Clef Pineiro, Esq.

    (*) The “apartheid subsidy” has already cost U.S. taxpayers well over $134 billion.

    To find out what our tax dollars are used for, see the one-page Summary of “U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel” report prepared by the Congressional Research Service (April 2018):

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